STC recognizes communities and members for their outstanding contributions to the technical communications profession.

The North Texas Lone Star Chapter attributes much of its success to its many dedicated volunteers. Society and community level honors recognize NTLSC members’ outstanding contributions to the Society, the North Texas Lone Star Chapter, and the advancement of the technical communication profession.

Community Awards

STC Community Public Relations Competition

The public relations competition recognizes the effectiveness of communities and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in sustained or special-event public relations efforts. Good public relations programs enhance the image of STC and our profession in the view of employers and the general public. The contributors accurately and professionally communicated their mission and activities to their target audiences.

STC Newsletter Award

Newsletters play an integral role in communicating news and information between STC communities and SIGs and their members. These newsletters also help both members and nonmembers develop an interest in Society goals and activities at both the community and Society levels. The STC newsletter competition honors community and SIG newsletter producers who strive to achieve these goals.

Community Pacesetter Award

The Community Pacesetter Award recognizes communities for outstandingly innovative and successful activities. Unlike the Community Achievement Award, which recognizes a community for exceptional strength across many activity types, the Community Pacesetter Award is designed to celebrate excellence in a specific activity or event. The Lone Star Community received this award in 1998.

Community Achievement Award

The Community Achievement Award recognizes a community’s outstanding accomplishments toward the goals of STC. This award is presented only to communities that have distinguished themselves by exceeding ordinary expectations.

Individual Awards

NTLSC Chapter Members Honored as STC Associate Fellow Members

STC recognizes and honors deserving senior members by conferring upon them the rank of associate fellow. Those selected as associate fellows are exceptional individuals who have demonstrated a consistent pattern of meaningful contributions to the Society and to the profession over a period of years.

NTLSC Chapter Members Honored as STC Fellow Members

The highest rank that the Society can confer upon a member is that of fellow. Those who become fellows are associate fellows who have attained such eminence in the arts and sciences of technical communication that they are deemed worthy of being designated among the select few whose service has distinguished both the Society and the profession.


The STC sponsors international competitions through which technical communicators have the opportunity to receive recognition for their work. To learn more about the International Summit Awards, click this link to see the STC website.

Distinguished Community Service Award

The Distinguished Community Service Award (DCSA) award acknowledges the work of community members who provide exemplary service to the Society through their dedication to the community and its activities. Recipients are selected by the length of community membership, consistency of service over time of community membership, and the variety of service over time of community membership to STC.

BALA Awards

The Binion Amerson Leadership Award (BALA) recognizes enthusiastic dedication, willingness to accept challenging goals, and inspiring leadership in service to the Lone Star Community. NTLSC members may nominate a community member through a written description of his or her achievements relative to the Award criteria, after which a panel of judges will identify the BALA recipient. Binion Amerson may present the Award to the recipient.

Award Criteria

Nominees must be Lone Star Community members and should demonstrate qualifications in the following areas:

  • Displays enthusiasm for any organizational activity, large or small.
  • Seeks difficult challenges, even extending the goals, to deliver excellence for LSC membership.
  • Inspires others to participate and excel in LSC activities.
  • Enhances the reputation of LSC as a leader in both the Society and the technical communication profession.

Past Recipients


Bob Want

For serving the North Texas Lone Star Chapter as Competition Judge for 2013, Chapter Secretary for 2014-2015, and Chapter President for 2016-2017 and for consistent dedication, mentoring activities, and for efforts to grow and evolve the Chapter and continue its legacy of excellence over the past five years.

Beth Bailey

For being both a leader and a mentor extraordinaire and consistently exemplifying dedication, service, and enthusiasm to the Society of Technical Communication at the Lone Star Community, regional, and international levels and to the technical communication profession over the past 25 years.


Mike Hiatt

For being an invaluable member of the Chapter Board for over two decades, redefining the roles of Treasurer and Parliamentarian for all who followed him, answering any call for assistance, and serving with unwavering honor and integrity.

Paula Robertson

For continuous leadership by example with the highest possible standards in the field of editing and serving with dedication and distinction to STC at the Lone Star Community, Regional, and international levels and the technical communication profession over the last 16 years.


Alice Leal

For continuous and sustained exemplary leadership of the Lone Star Chapter and the LSC Admin Council, incredible judgement in selecting, fostering, and promoting excellent community programs, always pressing forward in the face of any difficulties, and service to the Society and the Technical Communication profession for over 12 years.

Darice Lang

For leading the Lone Star Chapter through tough times resulting in finding new members to propel the Chapter to new perspectives, always being willing to help and mentor, serving as a true RoboHelp SME, and contributing at the community, regional, and international STC levels for over 30 years.


Paul Holland

For your consistent service, enthusiasm, and dedication to the Lone Star Community and the Society over the past several years.


Mel Haughton

For consistently exemplifying the highest standards of leadership, service, and dedication to the Lone Star Community, the Society, and the Technical Communication profession.


Kathryn Poe 

For consistently leading by example, taking on major tasks with a smile, and contributing at the community, regional, and international STC levels over many years.


Dale Erickson

In recognition of your exemplary leadership, service, and dedication to the Lone Star Community, the Society, and the Technical Communication profession.


Jackie Damrau

For consistently exemplifying the highest standards of leadership, service, and dedication to the Lone Star Community, the Society, and the Technical Communication profession.


Binion Amerson

For being the brightest star in Lone Star’s history and for your undaunted enthusiasm, your visionary leadership, and your inspiration for excellence.