Distinguished Community Service Award

The Distinguished Community Service Award (DCSA) award acknowledges the work of community members who provide exemplary service to the Society through their dedication to the community and its activities. Recipients are selected by the length of community membership, consistency of service over time of community membership, and the variety of service over time of community membership to STC.

NTLSC Chapter Members Honored as STC Associate Fellow Members

STC recognizes and honors deserving senior members by conferring upon them the rank of associate fellow. Those selected as associate fellows are exceptional individuals who have demonstrated a consistent pattern of meaningful contributions to the Society and to the profession over a period of years.

NTLSC Chapter Members Honored as STC Fellow Members

The highest rank that the Society can confer upon a member is that of fellow. Those who become fellows are associate fellows who have attained such eminence in the arts and sciences of technical communication that they are deemed worthy of being designated among the select few whose service has distinguished both the Society and the profession.