STC Community Public Relations Competition

The public relations competition recognizes the effectiveness of communities and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in sustained or special-event public relations efforts. Good public relations programs enhance the image of STC and our profession in the view of employers and the general public. The contributors accurately and professionally communicated their mission and activities to their target audiences.

STC Newsletter Award

Newsletters play an integral role in communicating news and information between STC communities and SIGs and their members. These newsletters also help both members and nonmembers develop an interest in Society goals and activities at both the community and Society levels. The STC newsletter competition honors community and SIG newsletter producers who strive to achieve these goals.

Community Pacesetter Award

The Community Pacesetter Award recognizes communities for outstandingly innovative and successful activities. Unlike the Community Achievement Award, which recognizes a community for exceptional strength across many activity types, the Community Pacesetter Award is designed to celebrate excellence in a specific activity or event. The Lone Star Community received this award in 1998.

Community Achievement Award

The Community Achievement Award recognizes a community’s outstanding accomplishments toward the goals of STC. This award is presented only to communities that have distinguished themselves by exceeding ordinary expectations.