There are two divisions of STC membership: National and Local. Information about the benefits of each is outlined below.

National: Joining STC

STC National offers online education, which covers mentoring, recordings of webinars, the TechComm Summit, live webinars, online courses, and free on-demand archived seminars. View STC’s Education page for details. STC produces a host of webinars and online courses throughout the year that are widely attended and provide measurable value for members.

New Members

Visit the STC website to learn more about the many benefits STC has to offer.

To become a member of the national chapter of STC, register and pay dues for the national chapter.

Current or Returning Members

STC Membership Renewal is available! Don’t forget to renew your membership and join us next year for even more informative programs and networking opportunities!

Local: Joining the North Texas Lone Star Chapter

The North Texas Lone Star Chapter (NTLSC) is a local chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), so you’ll need to join the national STC to become a member of NTLSC. Attend an NTLSC event as a Guest and meet the members and officers and ask any questions you have about STC membership – we’d be happy to help you!

When you’re ready to join, you have only one task:
Apply for STC Membership – during registration, add ‘North Texas Lone Star Chapter’ as your chapter and pay the small separate fee.

In addition to the benefits of STC membership, the North Texas Lone Star Community offers these membership benefits:


Our chapter newsletter keeps members informed about meetings, webinars, conferences, workshops, competitions, employment reports, survey results, scholarships, community service projects, and mentoring opportunities.


We help you search for job openings and prepare for your next position by providing links to job boards and employment agencies, job search tips, and other resources.

Education, Networking, and Entertainment

NTLSC meets monthly for live presentations by experts in the field of Tech Comm. In addition, monthly live webinars are available to help spread information about key topics in our field. Networking is an important aspect of staying current and connected in the Tech Comm industry. NTLSC provides monthly networking happy hours and social events to help keep members connected, engaged, and entertained!